Where have I been?

Hi All,

I hope to be back with you soon. My computer died, and I mean really died about 10 days ago. It has had to have a major overhaul including a new hard disk. As I say MAJOR!

I hope to be back with you soon once everything is sorted and I have re-installed all the bits I need to. I hope to show you some of the things I have been up to.

Please bear with a little longer.

All the very best!

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White Wedding Day


Hi All,

I was commissioned to make a wedding card recently. The wedding colours were not really known so I decided to make a white on white card with little areas of neutral colour.

On the card itself I cut out rose petals using the medium rose die from Cheery Lynn and miniature and large dies from Britannia dies which I purchased from Joanna Sheen. I had the Cheery Lynn die but wanted to have a fuller rose blossom so added the other two dies.

After cutting out the petals I shaped each of the petals using a shaping mat and a series of shaping tools including some embossing tools.

I used an A4 embossing folder from Maddylisa Crafts to emboss the background card. I used centura pearl card to make the wedding card. I made the card blank itself by using two A4 sheets of card and cutting them down to 8 inches with a 1 inch crease. I cut and added a lovely border to go onto the 1 inch piece of the card and added white ribbon through the holes and tie a large bow.

For the rest of the card I adhered the cut to shape embossed panel to the card blank. I cut out the four heart shaped elements and added some glitter glue to them. I stamped the sentiment from Inky Doodles on a separate piece of card using VersaMark and embossed it with gold detail powder then cut out the sentiment using a round Spellbinders die as I felt this shape worked better with the sentiment border.

I also cut out some leafy flourishes using a Cheery Lynn die and adhered these to the card. I decided to add the white roses in groups of three. In each of the roses I put in a pearl gem and also a pearl gem on each of the four heart elements to add interest and to tie everything together.

As the embellishments on the card made it impossible to use a normal envelope I made a box for the card.

I used centura pearl card to make the box. I stamped and embossed a small panel to go onto the card and lined the inside of the box with the same sepia toned card as the panel on the front of the card. Finally I added a white bow to tie the full design together. Additionally I used matching border die cuts along the top of the box and around each of the four sides.

I hope you like my creation and will stop by again soon.

All the very best!

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Orange Blast!


Hi All,

I wanted to show you this bracelet set that I made a while ago. What I generally do is have a good making session and just make as many items as I can before I get too exhausted.

Of course the next step is arranging to take pictures of the items I have completed. I do find that very difficult at times as I always want to ensure I have captured the best possible angle of the item which can be a bit tricky.

I have always stayed away from orange as a colour as I felt like it wasn’t a colour people wore a lot of. I have been pleasantly surprised to see that vibrant orange is very much a colour en vogue.

All the beads are glass. I decided to pair the flat oval beads with round orange beads with small round silver plated beads between each type of bead.

I think it spaces the orange beads out better and makes the bracelet look much more appealing.

With the earrings I wanted to create a sort of retro look so didn’t add the round silver plated beads. The earrings remind me of some of the adverts you used to see in magazines which models used to wear. I do love our new fascination with styles from earlier times. But then that is what we have always done in fashion and it has always worked.

Thank you so much for taking a look at my creations today and I hope you’ll stop by again real soon.

All the very best!

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A bit of gold for late summer



Hi All,

I have a lovely shiny gold and clear AB bracelet set for you today. When I first saw these beads of the site I bought them from I thought I must have them. I wasn’t disappointed when they arrived. 

I haven’t always known what to do with this style of bead but when I did get these beads the design came very easily.

I strung the beads on beading wire and used a small crystal bead, then a circular or saucer type bead then another small crystal bead between each of the square faceted beads.

The beads are so shiny and they really give you a lift when you see them in the light of the sun or any light really.

I hope you enjoy this set and will stop by again soon.

All the very best!

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Twisted fun!!



Hi All,

This is a pair of earrings I made very recently. I just love the deep, sumptuous colour of these beads. It’s that kind of red that makes that deep and sensuous lipstick colour that your mother probably wouldn’t let you wear when you were first allowed to wear make-up. It really is a deep and beautiful colour.

I used bead caps on the bottom and top of the beads and used a long head pin which I put through the ear wire. I wrapped the loop round and continued wrapping until the loop felt solid. I snipped off the excess wire and used my flat nosed pliers to press the wire down. 

I think the earrings turned out well and when the light hits them they really glisten.f

Thanks so much for your visit today, please do come again soon.

All the very best!

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